Helpful Links

From AKC:


      -Golden Retriever Breed Overview


From the GRCA Website: 


      -Golden Retriever Breed History


      -Breed Standard


      -Effects of Early Neutering & Spaying



Organizations & Golden Retriever Studies:


      -Golden Retriever Foundation


      -Golden Retriever Lifetime Study


      -GRCA National Rescue Committee


      -Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)


Health Links:


      -Information on Hemangiosarcoma


      -Information on Lymphoma


      -Certain Food Brands Cause Golden Retriever Heart Disease


Other Helpful Information:


      -Volhard Puppy Temperament Test


      -Puppy Proofing Your Home


      -Puppy Culture


      -K9Data - Pedigree Database


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