Do We Raise English Cream Goldens?

We are sometimes contacted by prospective owners asking "Do you have English Cream Golden Retrievers?" For these inquiries, we strongly encourage you to read the article from the GRCA at the bottom of this page. We have Golden Retrievers. There is only ONE Golden Retriever breed, and it comes in many shades of gold. There is no such thing as a separate "English Cream Golden Retriever", nor is this coloration rare or somehow more valuable than darker colored goldens.


The term "English Cream" is currently being used as a  marketing tool by some less-than-ethical breeders. We warn against any program that is raising puppies specifically for a certain color, rather than health, temperament, titles, and workability. At Rose Tree Goldens, our puppies come in various shades, ranging from a light golden shade to a darker reddish gold, and coloration can even vary between puppies in the same litter. We love and embrace all colors of the Golden Rainbow, and expect owners to look past color and toward temperament when adding a new puppy. There is so much more to a Golden Retriever than the shade of their coat, and we promise that you will love your golden no matter what shade of gold they are!


This article will explain in further depth - if you have any questions after reading, please feel free to contact me...


ALL of the above coat shades are accepted colors of the same breed - the Golden Retriever

Photo Credit: GRCC

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