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Read on below to find out more about who we are and why we are involved in golden retrievers. 

Me & some of our past puppies - baby Yeti is in there!

 Our family of five lives on a beautiful 12 acre property in Georgia, complete with a  4 acre pond and lots of trails to explore. Daily life for our goldens consists of swimming, dock diving, and running the grounds before settling in for some rest back at the house. We also take our dogs on frequent trips to the beach, dog shows, and dog friendly shops & restaurants to get "out & about". All of our goldens are a part of our family and our lives have literally "gone to the dogs!" Weekends are spent at dog shows or other events with the goldens. What started out as a simple hobby has become my passion, and I am so proud of what Rose Tree Golden Retrievers has become since we first started in 2014. 

 Rose Tree Goldens has been a vision long in the making. As a child I was fascinated with the dog sporting world, watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on TV and dreaming big. I always knew that someday I would be involved in raising and showing dogs. I’ve owned many dogs throughout my life, both purebred and mixed breed, but it wasn’t until we had children that we discovered the joy of sharing our lives with golden retrievers. We have not looked back since! They are truly one of a kind and I have never met another breed that comes close to their dependability, their goofiness, and their sweet temperaments. Goldens truly are the VERY BEST.


We raise Golden Retrievers to further our own small line of dogs, as well as to share our passion with the select few families who receive one of our goldens. We receive daily emails and phone calls asking about available puppies, yet we only have litters a few times per year. Those select individuals who do receive one of our puppies become extended family to us and it has been extremely rewarding knowing that we are able to provide their family with a healthy, biddable golden retriever. I enjoy all aspects of this hobby, from the whelping box to the show ring, but I never anticipated just how rewarding it would feel to provide a loving family with a good dog. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful owners who are just as committed to our goldens as we are.

 Our entire family dedicates a lot of time to our goldens and this journey towards becoming more involved in the breed has been amazing. There is much to learn as a breed ambassador, and I have been fortunate enough to have some wonderful mentors to show me the ropes of 'The Golden World'. From showing in conformation, to obedience classes, earning titles, grooming, learning about pedigrees, OFA health testing, helping to whelp & raise litters the right way…the list goes on & on. I cannot thank those who have helped me enough! There have been ups & downs in this journey, and I am honored to have made such special friendships along the way. It is a dream that has been in the works since I was a small girl, & I cannot wait to share this journey with all of you! ~Lyndsay

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