We are anticipating puppies in early 2024 and are accepting names for the waiting list at this time. Feel free to inquire!


We spend many hours researching and planning each breeding. We look at generations of health clearances, longevity in the lines, temperament and physical traits when matching the parents of your puppy. We look at titles and workability in the pedigrees of both parents, as well as what the stud dog has produced previously with other bitches. We compare several stud dogs before making a final selection to ensure (to the best of our ability) that a healthy, well structured, beautiful litter is the end result of each planned breeding.


Each time we plan a litter, the #1 goal is to maintain the overall quality and health of our golden retrievers here in our own program, and to preserve the standard of the breed as a whole. We have litters mainly for ourselves, with the goal being to find our next show or performance dog. The remaining puppies are placed into loving pet, therapy, and show homes.


We rarely have older started puppies or a retired adult available, but you are welcome to inquire to see if we have anyone currently. Thank you!


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